Introducing a clearly better alternative for ethanol producers

Transforming Crude Distillers Corn Oil into Refined Corn Oil

Transforming Crude Distillers Corn Oil into Refined Oil

You know the old adage, “If you have lemons, make lemonade.” That’s exactly what the Corn Oil ONE® System does. By eliminating free fatty acids, moisture and waxes from crude corn oil, the Corn Oil ONE® System transforms a mere commodity into a highly sought‑after refined corn oil. As a result, you’ll have a coproduct that is more valuable to a broader range of buyers, including industrial-based users of soybean oil.

Putting the Corn Oil One® System To Work For You

Putting the Corn Oil One<sup>®</sup> System To Work For You

With minimal interruption to your plant, the Corn Oil ONE® System can turn your ethanol plant into a biorefinery. Our technical team will handle all the details — designing the right system, configuring for your operation, and installing and providing ongoing service. The ease of installation and operation, combined with the additional income generated from a refined corn oil coproduct, assures you of a return on your Corn Oil ONE® System investment in 24 months or less.

Without the Corn Oil ONE® System, All You Have is a Commodity

The biodiesel and feed industries view crude corn oil as a commodity and will always pay the lowest possible price for it. But refined corn oil is a better feedstock for biodiesel plants looking to maximize their production and for industrial users looking for an effective alternative to soybean oil. It all begins with the installation of a Corn Oil ONE® System.

Ask the corn oil experts

Our team members address some of the frequently asked questions they receive about Corn Oil ONE®. If you have additional questions, please contact our team at

  • What additional value will be generated by making the switch to Corn Oil ONE®?
  • The value can be captured in the equation of Corn Oil ONE® + free fatty acids - distillers corn oil = VALUE
  • What is the anticipated payback for investment in a Corn Oil ONE® System?
  • The payback to install the bolt-on Corn Oil ONE® System is 24 months or less.
  • Who is being offered Corn Oil ONE® Systems?
  • We are offering Corn Oil ONE® Systems to its marketing customers. Please contact us today if you are interested in working with us to market your current crude corn oil.
  • What disruption to our current plant operations will be caused by adding the system?
  • There will be limited to no disruption to your current ethanol production or backend operations. Our team will handle all project management and testing of the system and will work with your team to identify and mitigate all safety and operational concerns.
  • What is the footprint required for the Corn Oil ONE® System?
  • A standard 50 mpg plant requires a footprint of 500 sq. ft.

Your connection to a steady supply of Corn Oil One®.

The Corn Oil ONE® System transforms a crude commodity into a valuable feedstock for the biodiesel industry. Working with ethanol plants throughout the country, our team has the logistical resources and capabilities to connect you with a steady supply of a highly sought-after feedstock alternative that can maximize your production capacity.


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