Introducing a clearly better alternative feedstock for oleochemical and biobased industries

Advantages of refined corn oil in the oleochemical and biobased industries

Advantages of refined corn oil in the oleochemical and biobased industries.

You know the old adage, “If you have lemons, make lemonade.” That’s the story of Corn Oil ONE®. Ethanol producers are incorporating the Corn Oil ONE® System into their plants to eliminate free fatty acids and wax from distillers corn oil. The result is Corn Oil ONE®, a feedstock that has similar or better specifications as soybean oil.

Using Corn Oil ONE® as an alternative feedstock in your operation will:

  • Enhance feedstock consistency and quality to save you time and money
  • Increase your supply availability with over 500 million gallons of corn oil being produced from the ethanol industry
  • Improve access to superior logistics and a team of chemical engineers
Make the switch to Corn Oil One<sup>®</sup> today.

Make the switch to Corn Oil One® today.

If you are using soybean oil as a feedstock, Corn Oil ONE® delivers less than one percent free fatty acids with low moisture and wax content, making it a great replacement for inedible corn oil and soybean oil. Whether you are manufacturing ink, plastics, lubricants or a variety of other vegetable oil-based products, there is no better alternative feedstock available on the market today than Corn Oil ONE®.

Ask the corn oil experts

Our team members address some of the frequently asked questions they receive about Corn Oil ONE®. If you have additional questions, please contact our team at

  • What is the availability of Corn Oil ONE®?
  • Today only a fraction of Corn Oil ONE® will be available in the near future. As ethanol plants shift their operations from ethanol production to a biorefining, through the Corn Oil ONE® System, more refined corn oil will be available for biobased products. Industrial companies interested in partnering with FEC Solutions for access to Corn Oil ONE® should contact us immediately to secure the limited supply available today.
  • I need a consistent supply and a consistent product, will Corn Oil ONE® deliver on consistency?
  • Yes, by refining crude corn oil, we are able to ensure a consistent vegetable oil with the same level of free fatty acids, waxes, moisture and other constituents every time. We are able to meet your demands for vegetable oil for your biobased industrial products.
  • Are there any safety concerns with utilizing a coproduct coming from an ethanol facility?
  • No, Corn Oil ONE® will not contain any ethanol and has a very high flash point. A MSDS sheet is available upon request.

Your connection to a steady supply of Corn Oil One®.

The Corn Oil ONE® System transforms a crude commodity into a valuable feedstock for the biodiesel industry. Working with ethanol plants throughout the country, our team has the logistical resources and capabilities to connect you with a steady supply of a highly sought-after feedstock alternative that can maximize your production capacity.


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